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Are you ready to take your trading to the right level? I’m Dchessking, the creator of the  Buy and Sell Power Strategy. Unlike traditional approaches, I unveil the true footprints of pre-imbalance dynamics, dispelling the myths about retest trading as the way to trade with the banks.

Here, you’ll gain exclusive access to the full spectrum of strategies that have propelled me to the pinnacle of trading. From the foundational principles to the most advanced techniques, it’s all at your fingertips.

I’m not just a trader; I’m the architect of a trading institution “zedapex academy”. With an unwavering commitment to fostering trader development in Africa, I’ve invested over $100k to build this groundbreaking project. Why? Because I’m driven to cultivate a legion of traders equipped with the skills to conquer the markets.

My inaugural masterpiece, the “Pre-Imbalance Bible,” reverberated across the trading landscape, capturing the attention of thousands of  traders. The reason? Its authenticity and undeniable truth. And that’s precisely why you’re here. You’ve explored my YouTube channel, read my book, or perhaps a friend’s resounding recommendation led you here. Whichever path you took, rest assured, you’ve made the right choice.

Your journey towards trading authority starts now.

But let's cut the fluff and dive straight into finance.

Trading isn’t about excessive English; it’s about hard facts and precise strategies. Ever felt the sting of losses as a trader? Let’s set the record straight – it’s not manipulation; it’s the intricate details you overlooked. And guess what? I’ve transformed those insights into a solid strategy.

Don’t be satisfied with a brief overview; I’ve got an insightful YouTube video that goes into the core of my approach. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you join my mentorship, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond the basics. 

Are you ready to adopt an ideology that brings you market clarity? Let’s leave the jargon behind – I’m not here to make sense; I’m here to equip you with what you need to take the markets successfully.

Many traders have faced failure due to the allure of online content from fellow traders. The flashy lifestyles portrayed often overshadow the vital aspects of successful trading. It’s important to recognize that these ostentatious displays often lack the core ideology necessary for practical application in the market.

To truly thrive, a profound understanding of deep market behavior is crucial. Additionally, addressing the cornerstone of financial stability is paramount to sustained success.

This is why I’ve meticulously crafted a course that offers a direct path to essential knowledge. It’s time to discard the notion of forex as a gambling platform; instead, embrace it as a realm that rewards those who understand its intricacies. Just as you wouldn’t mix football with basketball, recognizing your trading strengths is vital.

Emotional detachment, risk appetite assessment, and aligning with the right trading concepts are pivotal elements in this journey.

Rest assured, your pursuit of mastery begins with comprehending these fundamental principles.

Did my name, Dchessking, conjure images of a chess grandmaster? There’s a hint of truth in that analogy, as my trading journey is indeed akin to playing chess within the market – a strategic dance where brokers become worthy opponents. It’s your choice which side of the board you stand on.

I’m not here to regale you with tales of my life; anyone can write about themselves. Instead, I invite you to immerse yourself in my ideology, to scrutinize if my trading concepts align with your goals. And if they do, well, the prospect of financial success isn’t far-fetched – perhaps even deserving of a chuckle. After all, at the tender age of 16, I was already conducting tutorials as an economics teacher, a testament to my early foray into leadership.

My journey progressed, leading me to become a private equity trader managing a substantial AUM. The process has been nothing short of beautiful, and therein lies the transformative power of trading.

Go into my history, and you’ll uncover my project called Lunafx back in 2020. The project expanded my vision, through research, I discovered when retail traders found themselves ensnared – that’s the very moment it’s ripe to make the best profit. Skeptical? Wait until you experience it firsthand.

Understandably, it all sounds almost too good to be true – until I bring you to the whiteboard.

Rest assured, I’ll be by your side, just as I’ve guided my students, making the complexities of forex elegantly simple. Together, we’ll journey towards unveiling the most potent truths you need to embrace.

If you’re seeking lifestyle inspiration, let me be clear—I’m not here to sell you on that. If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of others who can cater to those desires. Here, it’s about more than that. It’s about immersing yourself in genuine learning. It’s about embracing the drive to propel yourself forward, to not only get my trading strategies but to cultivate a deep understanding of what the forex market truly offers.

The world of forex is abundant with opportunities waiting to be seized, and missing out is not an option.

Witness my live trading on Zedasignal.com, where I execute my concept. this isn’t about peddling signals—I don’t subscribe to that ideology. Instead, it’s about trading side by side with those who comprehend my vision, my ideology. Isn’t it intriguing to observe the struggle of retail traders who, unfortunately, tend to fall into the 95% who lose? It’s often misperceived as manipulation, but what if you could unlock its true essence? The truth is here, not shrouded in secrecy, but laid bare as an undeniable fact.


Behold a video showcasing a swift exploration of my trading institution, meticulously crafted to change the lives of traders like yourself. This endeavor stands as my contribution to the community, a heartfelt gift aimed at catalyzing transformation. Your presence here signifies that you’ve either already embraced this gift or stand on the precipice of doing so.